Friday, June 10, 2011

The Story of Mary Mary Quite Contrary - A Gallery of Beautiful Things!

When I was a kid, I was really lucky to spend every holiday with parents who were married, 2 sets of grandparents and several great aunts and uncles.  In fact, I pretty much grew up with my great aunts Mary, Ardis and Elaine.  Aunt Mary was always my favorite aunt.  She was fiesty and opinionated.  When the town of Dorchester erected the community siren in her alley, she had a hissy-fit.  Sometimes she'd shoot at it when it BLLAARRED signaling it was 12-noon.  She was a seamstress, a gardner and almost like a grandma to me.  She never had any kids of her own- which was good for me and my brother, because she and uncle Cap spoiled us rotten.  We got 50cent pieces every time we walked into her house, and she always made sure the candy drawer was fully stocked.  Her favorite saying was "It's a great life if you don't weaken".  amen!

So, I've always wanted to do something cool for Mary... and when the opportunity to renovate the gallery space came available, it was a simple decision to name the gallery after her.  So, Mary Mary Quite Contrary is named for my very contrary great aunt Mary.  Her picture, as a young teenage woman, is our new logo. I thought it was not only perfect because it is beautiful, and of her, but because she is at the wicker desk, writing or drawing something.  That's what this gallery space will be about.  Beautiful and creative things.  Art work, artisan crafts, pottery, handmade jewelry, furniture, textiles... and some writing here and there too. 

Connie, a talented artist, friend and fellow-wine lover, speaks of "feeding the soul".  It's a necessity in this world, if we're going to step out of the rat-race and into a happy space.  The MMQC will be just that kind of place.  I've not been this excited about a project since... well... PHouse.  MMQC will compliment PHouse exceptionally.  We'll plan to do group wine tastings, private parties and catered dinners at MMQC, and at some point we'll even work with the Historical Society to rent the San Carlo and Welcome Center so we can use the entire block of space for a weekend of "Feed Your Soul" events.

I've vowed to keep this blog current, with pics, so I can share my vision with you, and to document yet another really great renovation.  I can't thank the Friend Historical Society enough for endulging me and allowing me to move ahead with the project.  Construction is about to begin.  I'll try to post pics later today.  Our website is under construction at 

Cheers, and remember to feed your soul!

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